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For continuous support helping you understand what types of strategy, tactics, and goals will work for YOU and your career for a low monthly investment.

Private Career Coaching

If you want one on one support personalized attention and action steps to help you with what comes next in your flexible career.


Private Career Consulting

You hire us to do the work for you with your input. Please note the minimum investment for career consulting ranges from $1k-$3k depending on your overall business objectives.

How The Solar Eclipse Effects Your Job

According to Elite Daily, the solar eclipse happening today August 21, 2017, a time for putting our goals into tangible practice. Take the necessary steps toward what we want to create for ourselves. Demand more of ourselves and the events around it will prove to be a test of our strength and resolve to achieve our dreams. Embrace the changes with open arms and an open mind.

The Small Business Success Summit (Recap)

Day 1
The Small Business Success Summit #sbss2017 was amazing! Thank you 🙏 @TierraDestiny, for this complimentary intensive
2-day gift.🎁 (value easily over $2,000)💰 Slam packed with practical action steps and gems 💎 for days to grow your business. (mindset, branding, client attraction, protect your time, speaking, coaching vs. consulting, team building, brick and mortar, live events, retail, motivation, bootstrapping, retreats, contracts and agreements) Plus, the power pack of guest! Tierra & guest made us all feel entrepreneurship is possible.

Day 2
OMG!!! Tierra Destiny over delivered day 2 of The Small Business Success Summit #sbss2017 I still can’t believe this was free.😱
Tierra is the Bomb Dot Com! She had 4 women stand in front of the room and in less than an hour she tightened up their business intent, mission, services, target audience, how to reach their monthly financial goals, positioning, marketing and content for homepage/salespage. Unbelievable right? I’m telling you I was there. I saw it live and in living color. Oh yes, Tierra did that and then some! Thank you🤗😙 Much❤️ Love!