Why Do You Work?

If you get distracted from doing the work you’re doing, does that mean your work you should be doing is the work that distracted you? Shouldn’t your work wake you up in the morning and keep you up at night? Your work shouldn’t feel like a choir. Shouldn’t your work come to you easily and automatically like breathing? Why are you doing the work? Are you doing the work because you saw someone do it? Someone told you to do it or just for the money? I figure the work you should be doing is the work that you can’t stop thinking about, researching, reading about, listening to watching, sharing and talking about. Doing the work puts a smile on your face, it comes to you so naturally, that’s why you love it and it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Why do you work?

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How Flexwork Culture Can Work

Can you believe that some companies still think they can’t implement a Flexwork Culture? A lot of CEOs are aware of other companies that have a Flexwork culture and think it sounds good but they think it won’t work for their company. I’ve worked for a couple of Flexwork culture companies and I believe it encourages quality of life and boost employees productivity. Below are a few quick and simple flexible options companies can implement right away.








  1. Work from home two days a week. All employees can have the option to do their administrative task from home.
  2. Flex vacation. When life happens like attending kids school event and taking an aging parent to a medical appointment.
  3. In the employee handbook indicate the company’s expectations when flex working.
  4. Be consistent by setting Flexwork hours and the response time for email, text and phone calls.
  5. Weekly meetings can be held via Skype, Google Hangouts, there’s a variety of online meeting platforms.    

Most people want to cut down their commute time, grow in their career while raising a family. That’s why a lot of Flexwork companies are able to recruit and retain employees easily.  
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