90 Day Challenge

Yes, you read it right…90 Day Challenge! I’m participating¬†in a Periscope and product creation 90-day challenge. During the 90 days, if I understood the challenge correctly, I will be on Periscope about 36 times. I’m not sure if that mean 36 days in a row…we’ll see, I’m up for the challenge. Wait…there’s more! I have to create 4 digital products and 2 free webinars.

Why you ask, well…it all started with this book.¬†My business coach told everyone in her membership to purchase this book to get a mindset shift. Before you embark on anything new it’s important to start with a clean slate. Leave what’s in the pass in the pass and stay in the present.

Here’s the link to check out day 2 of the 90-day challenge.





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First Scope on Periscope

Today on social media I posted ‘do something new’. I like to share anything that will help you move forward towards your Flexwork Lifestyle. Talking about doing something new…well, that’s what I did. My business coach pushed her group members out there in those Periscope streets ūüėČ I ain’t even gonna front, I was nervous.¬†I’m a talk radio type of girl. Podcast is my thing but video…and Livestream¬†video at that, UGH! But I did it anyway.

My mottos this year:

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway (in my recruitment and staffing agency coach’s voice)
  • Remove don’t, not and no from my vocabulary. (The Law of Attraction)
  • Stay in the present
  • Everything is figure-out-able (Marie Forleo)
  • Be like Nike and just do it!
  • Whether is work or doesn’t it’s ok and on to the next

Use this link http://bit.ly/jacquionperiscope to check me out on Periscope

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