Which 1 of the 3 Types of Self Employed Worker Are You

Did you know there are different ways to work for yourself? The next step is to make your self-employment legal. How willing to sell your service and the kind of work you do is more important than getting a license. Understanding the different ways to be self-employed will help with your pricing, work knowledge and the best practices of doing the work. A unique skill set and open-minded is required for each self-employed path.

Freelancer,  the most simple self-employed way to get started. Freelancers charge a competitive rate for their services but they usually don’t get employee benefits or a paycheck on the regular. If you like to complete tasks this path might be a better fit for you.

Independent Contractor, you perform a service that is not controlled by an employer. You determine what and how your service will be done. This path is best if you rather work under a short or long-term contract. 

Independent Business Owner, not a task-work or be bind to a contract then this path is for you. Independent business owners charge more because they are willing to package and promote their work. They don’t work with just anybody. They know their idea client and on their contract, they ask qualifying questions.

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Career Challenges Are Necessary Components of Success

Career Challenges Are NecessaryYou’re in the Army now! Well, not the Army but, the Air Force Reserve. The second place where I learned about leadership. My parents, in my home growing up, is the first place. Home is where the heart is and the second chapter of my work experiences. My mom told me when I was a little girl, she wanted to be a nurse and I said, “I’m ma be a nurse” (little girl voice). So, I attended nursing school. The one thing about me that hasn’t changed is if I tell you I’m going to do something I follow through.

The third chapter of my work experiences had a couple of challenges and some may say a failure. As a certified nursing assistant on the Oncology floor I soon realize that talking to the patients, family and friends about their career goals were not a part of my job duties, according to the head Nurse. To be honest with you going to work was getting more difficult as each day passed because I found myself embracing people and wiping tears more than talking. Nursing was not a good fit for me so I turned in my letter of resignation and left nursing school. What I learned from that experience is that challenges and failures are a necessary component of success. It shaped me into the person I have become. 

What is Human Resources (HR)? Work experiences fourth chapter. After taking several different career assessments to figure out what job would be a good fit. Every time I took a personality test HR always showed up as the career direction I should take. Here’s the chapter where I become a self-starter and lifelong learner. Two weeks in Turkey found the local library and started researching all things HR. I called the HR Director of the bank, retail store, public school and daycare center on the Air Force Base to schedule an informational interview.

Chapter five, back in the States attending college for an HR degree. I love researching and one of my presentation during class was about Janice Bryant Howroyd. Click here to read Bryant’s inspiring success story. 

To make a long story short, I naturally network building long-lasting relationships by talking and learning from others right into an HR, recruiting and career coaching work experience. I’m ready for more success in my next chapter.

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Celebrating Independence From The Hassle Of Working 9 To 5

Remote JobsA few days ago we celebrated Independence Day July 4th. According to the online dictionary, the second meaning of the word independence means, freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. Which instantly made me think of the freedom from the hassle of working nine to five. One of the perks of a flexible workplace is the freedom to control your work day. You can decide if you want to work a full day, half day or not today when you have the flexibility to make your own schedule.

Let me tell you about someone I know. She worked a typical 9-to-5 corporate job. She encouraged her daughter to follow her passion. Her daughter’s passion is ballet and has been in the ballet world since the age of three.  She knew early on that in order for her daughter to become a Ballerina one day she would have a vigorous schedule. Her daughter would have to go to classes, auditions, rehearsals and recitals to perfect her craft.

She had to ask her supervisor if she could leave work early a few times out of the month. Her supervisor said yes but would give her dirty looks. She asked her employer if she could work remotely, in the office two days out of the week and working from home the other three days. Her supervisor said no. She knew she had to leave her job and find another one that supports flexibility in the workplace. Her first priority was to support her daughter’s dream of becoming a Ballerina one day.

Over the years she has found telecommuting and remote jobs that have given her the freedom to accommodate her daughter’s rigorous ballet training and schedule. To make a long story short. She never went back to a tradition 9 to 5 jobs and currently has a full-time job working from home with a virtual company.

As for her daughter, here’s a smidget of her incredible ballet journey. She attended art school in elementary through high school. She studied under the instruction of two notable ballet studios in Florida and two highly acclaim ballet academy in Virginia. Her daughter’s mentor is the first black principal ballerina at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. But wait! There’s more…her daughter opened a ballet school in her community where it all started. Now, she is teaching kids who would have not had the chance to learn classical ballet.

If you are a parent that encourage your kid(s) to follow their dreams, don’t give up. Whether you’re looking for freelance, consulting, telecommute, work from home and or remote jobs there out there. This is the story of just one person out of many people who decided to take control of their career, put their family first and have more balance in their lives. You can too!

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Job Flexibility Value

I was so over going up the corporate ladder, dealing with office politics or sitting in traffic for hours. I knew there had to be a better way to do my work. Have you said this before? “It doesn’t take me all day to do my job”. I have many of times and thanks to technology we don’t have to spend all day doing our jobs. Statistics show that more people are telecommuting or doing flexible work. Employers are starting to see the financial benefits of flexible work. No need to lease a building, come in for a job interview and if hired don’t have to pay relocation cost, it all can be done in the comfort of your home. Happy employees make for happy customers.

One of the major values for me was being able to spend more time with my family, friends and focus on other things I may want to do. Making your own schedule is another plus. If you’re not a morning person work in the evening. You have the choice to work a few hours and still make it to an appointment.
Like I stated earlier it doesn’t take all day to get the work done. Most of the flexible jobs nowadays it’s all about results. There is a few hourly rate remote work but the majority are paid per project, or a flat rate and the work needs to be done before the deadline.

Now, I’m not going to say I don’t care about the money because that wouldn’t be true. Of course, I want to get paid for the work I do but the money isn’t top priority. Enjoying the work I do and having flexibility is most important to me and my family.

After returning from a three-day life coaching event. I wasn’t quite ready to start my own business and jump right into entrepreneurship. I knew that I love coaching, doing workshops and hearing people share their experiences. So it was only natural that I was going to find a job that had flexibility.


My very first opportunity to experience flexible work was a consulting gig. A friend of mine had started a non-profit organization for single mothers. She asked me to do the recruiting and career coaching, I was game! She lived in Florida and I was in Georgia. She had done freelance, consulting and remote for a very long time. Working from home was nothing new to her. I was so excited to be about to do something that I really enjoy doing for a great cause and the convenience didn’t hurt.
I stumbled upon this video that talks about job flexibility and its value. It’s really just proving the point that more and more people want to work remotely or telecommute to spend more of their time with family, friends or doing something else. Pretty much having more balance in their lives.

Don’t get me wrong you should do work that you enjoy that is what I encourage my job seekers to do. Consider the type of work you do first not the pay. When looking for flexible work ask does the company’s culture and values match yours?

Watch the video, leave a comment and share what flexibility at the workplace means to you.

How To Pick A Coach

How to pick a business CoachPicking a coach is something that I’m battling with daily. Believing in the power of coaching, there’s no doubt of how it can help you get to the next level in reaching your goals.

Over the past seven years, I have participated in two life coaching weekend retreats, career coaching certification program, job coaching training to work with an outplacement company, listen to several coaching audio books and podcast. Hired coaches for private sessions and paid for a few group coaching programs. Two years ago I paid the most I’ve ever paid for coaching I actually took out a loan. It was an eight-week, interactive video-based training program teaching online marketing strategies for business owners.

Every step of the way I learned something new, which is awesome. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all the coaches I’ve had in my life. Coaching has taught me the importance of having an accountability partner. When you work with a coach each week the focus is on you and reaching your goals.

Family and friends can be very supportive but let’s be honest, they don’t want to talk about you all the time. Your family and friends want to tell you about what’s going on in their lives and current events. Plus, most of us put our family and friends needs first before ourselves.

I say all of that to say, it’s time. I’m ready! I’m ready to do the work I love. Clearly, fear of some sort was holding me back. Now, I have a nothing to lose attitude. I had a fear of what I put out there may not be good enough. You know the following excuses some of us use like:

  • I need a clever name for my business and website
  • My website isn’t good enough
  • I need a logo
  • I have to blog but writing has never my thing
  • I have to learn about social media
  • I have to sell and market to people I don’t know how to do that.

You get my point. It’s always going to be some excuse disguised as fear to slow you down or block you from moving forward if you let it. The last coach I worked with said to the group something like this, we all have a unique gift by not starting your business is being selfish. Ok, she didn’t say it that way but her point was not to hold on to your gift. Sharing your unique gift is helping others be their best.

Out of all the coaching I had, I’ve come to realize that I wasn’t ready. Fear was holding me back. No one is perfect and however, I decide to share my gift, my ideal client will get me. Like attacks like and that’s how you pick your coach.

My dilemma is that I like a lot of coaches. To be honest with you, the coach I’m looking for doesn’t have to be featured in Inc.com, Forbes or Oprah, Today Show, on radio or other successful online business owners website.

I want a coach that brags about their client’s businesses making a profit and it didn’t take them years to do it because I want to brag about my coach, team, and clients success!

How did you find your coach? Click here and share your story.

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