How To Decide If You Should Take Your First Job Offer

How To Decide If You Should Take Your FirstJob searching is so individualized. Each person and the strategy is so individual. That’s the beauty of career coaching. A job coaching can talk to each person and identify what’s right for the job seeker. There are multiple factors that come into play.

Here are some question you may want to consider

  • Are you the primary breadwinner of the family?
  • Do you have any other source of income?
  • What about your ability to have insurance needs?
  • What about your mental and emotional state?

Through career coaching, we have the ability to help the job seeker identify their unique situation. Together we determine what kind of plan this person should consider. Should the job seeker’s plan include, temporary work, consulting working, and a contract position as they are exploring full-time opportunities? Or does this job seeker have the flexibility and bandwidth to wait and put all their energy into that full-time position they may be looking for? Some job seekers are open to the idea and others are not but it’s their call. Career coaches are here to lead, guide and provide feedback but the final decision is up to the job seeker.

How did you decide to take the job offer?

If You Go Looking For Doubt You will Find It

If you go looking for doubt you'll find itIf you go looking for something you will find it. That saying is so true. They say love makes you do crazy things well, so does fear.

In this case, it’s doubt. I noticed this particular coach’s name was mentioned as being so successful in a short period of time on almost all the podcast I listen too. So, I did what I always do, research the heck out of the person. I check how many followers they have on Twitter. I visit their website to see if it has a modern feel or ol’ school. I check to see if they have a podcast and if they do I listen to part of the episode to hear their voice. What am I listening for? I want to hear if they are a down to earth person or uptight. Next, I check to see if they have a YouTube channel. If so, I watch a video to read their body language and mannerisms. Does he or she have a sense of humor? Sometimes, I check out their blog to see when was the last post.

By this time I’ve decided if I’m feeling you or not. If I do, I’ll follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Well, this particular person I was feeling so, I did my usually follow on all social media platforms but I started to notice a pattern. Not his or her story, I knew that by now. But I notice that this person was saying quotes from books and other motivational speakers or online business gurus.

This person was everywhere. It made me start wondering, is this person successful because he/she paid for their spot. What I mean by that is, most well-known online business gurus have an expensive coaching program or expensive mastermind group.  The reason why I’m saying expensive because it is to me. Most people would have to take out a loan to cover the cost for coaching or join the mastermind group.

It seems like if you buy the expensive service the coach will give you their contact and tell all of them to promote you on their blog or ask that you give a testimonial on their site about the coach. Not that they have used their service because they haven’t. Most of the time the person giving the testimonial is a well know figure in the industry.

It seems like after you get a loan to pay for coaching or join the mastermind group you just paid for their contact list or paid for access to their contacts. The well-known established person will add you to their website or allow you to speak at their next conference since you paid all that money.

What I notice about this particular coach they paid for 3 to 5 very expensive mastermind groups, academies or programs. What else I notice is this particular person already knew a lot of people because of their previous relationships. This person was also a speaker prior to joining the mastermind.

Most of the people who paid a huge fee to work with a successful coach had a six figure job prior transitioning to entrepreneurship. A lot of the people had an MBA or Ph.D., I notice as well.

My point is it seems like if you decide to pay a huge amount of money you’re really paying for a step by step blueprint of how that person became successful and their giving you permission to model their business exactly how the gurus did it.

Ok, one more point and I’m going to end this post. It seems like if you pay for the lower price services you will only get a quarter of the information to become successful. You might get one of your questions answered during a webinar, Google hangout or conference call.

The low-end is what that guru has accomplished. But, high-end is how the gurus do it specifically because if you shine (win) the guru gets the accolades and win too.

I’m really considering investing in myself (like the gurus call it) but I don’t want to just be giving money away into a monthly group coaching call and only get generic broad information that’s not educating me how to get to the next level. I’m surely not going to take out another, well…3 loans. Trust and believe my student loans taught me a lesson I don’t want to see anyone go down.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be a very wealthy and successful coach but I don’t want people getting loans and go into debt just to pay for my services.

What are your thoughts? Share your experience investing in yourself and paying for one or more very expensive programs and services.

You Want To Move To Hawaii Here’s How You Can Pay For It

You Want To Move To Hawaii Here’s How You Can Pay For ItHawaii is an amazing place with scenic beauty islands. According to the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism, 698,584 people visited Hawaii in just six months this year. Many people who visit Hawaii are so captivated by its breathtaking islands that they would love to live there. The biggest problem with considering moving to Hawaii is expenses and jobs. Using Pay Scale’s cost of living calculator Honolulu, Hawaii housing is 179%, utilities 128% and groceries 50% higher compared to Atlanta, Georgia.

Hawaiian’s salary is no match to the rising housing cost and finding jobs in Hawaii is no walk in the park or should I say on the island. People living in Hawaii average income is a little over $45,000 which is the national average but keep in mind the percentages stated above. Cost of living in Hawaii is well over 75% higher than the national average households. Finding a well-paying job in Hawaii is difficult. Due to the high volume of tourism, the majority of the locals work in hospitality a very low paying industry.

Most job seekers will apply online for jobs in Hawaii. Days and weeks go by no email or phone call. You’re starting to feel like your application fell into a black hole. There are a few reasons why you may not have gotten a response back from your online application. One being that you’re not the only person that applied. On average for every one person that applied for the same position, 200 others did as well. A second reason why no response from you online application is because you had to complete a profile and add your address. A recruiter or hiring manager can see that you don’t live in Hawaii and most employees want to save the company money and not go over their budget. Travel and relocation fees are a huge expense and it would be more cost efficient to hire someone already living in Hawaii. Third reason being that you submitted your resume to an applicant tracking system (ATS). These systems are used to manage and screen incoming resumes. Despite your qualifications and experience if you don’t have the right keywords or phrases the ATS will rank your resume as not being a good match for the open position.

Flexible work is a great alternative that pays well and allows you to live where you want to live in Hawaii. Workplace flexibility is when an employee and employer customize the traditional Monday through Friday nine to five workday and work week. There are different options to flexible work, for instance, freelance, consulting, work from home, telecommute also called remote.

Here’s Four Tips to Finding Flexible Work:

  • Ditch the Job Boards

Do what your competition is not doing, that’s how you can stand out from the rest. Most employers first look at their internal resources before posting jobs. Employee referrals get first dibs. Previous and current employees know the company’s culture and mission. Plus, employees are not going to recommend someone who they don’t believe would be a good fit. Their credibility and reputation could be tarnished by association.

  • Create a Value Proposition Letter

Resumes and cover letters may be required but if you want an employer to call you, type up a letter and mail it to your targeted companies in Hawaii. Sometimes you have to break the rules to get noticed. Focus on how you can grow revenue and save the company money.

  • Build an Online Presence

Start blogging about your expertise in the industry. Showcase your personality and share your thoughts about the companies in Hawaii where you would like to work. Write about what type of issues people in your industry are facing.

  • Get Social Media

Over 85% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates. You need to be where employers are so you can be found. Set up a LinkedIn profile, it’s like an online resume. Research which social media platforms your targeted companies in Hawaii use. Follow, read and learn the latest industry trends but most importantly engage with employers.

More Fortune 500 companies see the value in workplace flexibility. Employees are happier healthier more productive less stress balancing their work and personal lives. You can make more money and get a good paying job while enjoying paradise. Use these tips to land your flexible job in Hawaii.

What would you do to find a job in Hawaii?

I Found My Coach

I found my coachI just did a blog post the other day saying what type of coach I was looking for and my coach appeared. I had three coaches in mind but this person just showed up and saying everything I asked for on my blog. My coach is straight to the point, no fluff and focused. My coach made me feel like if I’m willing to put in the hard work, my coach will do all that they can to make sure I am successful in reaching my goals.

My coach has read the books, blogs, watched the videos, listen to the podcast, been burned. Yet, my coach persevered worked hard. My coach and his clients are successful!

See what I mean? My coach has been through exactly what I’ve been through, we get each other. Even though my coach is very successful now, my coach has not forgotten all the struggles. My coach is very passionate and determines to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

I will continue to journal my journey and I hope to inspire entrepreneurs to not give up. Click here to learn more about my coach.

How To Be Supportive When Your Teenager Wants A Dangerous Job


Teenager to young adult, they want to be a grown up so bad. Our kids, time passes so quickly. Where has the time gone? It seems like I was just holding his wet hand, not sure if it was wet from sweat or snot, anyway walking him into the kindergarten classroom. He let go of my hand, ran right into the classroom and didn’t look back. I cried in the hallway for an hour, well it felt like it.  Even way back then he was so ready to get away from me. Ok, I can admit it I’m a helicopter mom. That’s the first step of recovery is to admit it, right?

First, it was a pizza delivery job. A month ago in our county, a pizza delivery guy was jumped and was beat up pretty bad. He ends up being hospitalized due to his injuries. Just a few days ago someone went to our local pizza shop and put all the employees in the freezer, took money out of the safe and cash register. Thank goodness a customer came in shortly after the robber left, the customer heard the employees in the freezer and let them out. Right after the incident my son asked if he can be a pizza delivery driver. His father and I said no and explained all the recent occurrences. Can you believe my son said we watch the news too much and we are just paranoid?

Teenagers are fearless, that could be a good thing and a bad thing. He never thinks of what could happen. He’s only thinking about making money to hang out with friends, spend it on clothes, shoes, and girls.

I was researching online looking for flexible jobs as I often do for my clients and just to see what’s posted. I stumbled upon a job that was only 12 hours a week, paying $600 a month. So, I called the number to get more information about the job. The lady told me all the details. My son heard my conversation and ask me questions about the job and said he wanted to do it.

Address concerns. At first, I thought this would be a great part-time gig for my son. It would teach him responsibility. He could use the money to pay his own car note, cell phone and save the rest. Then I started to think more about the actual job. He would be working alone at night cleaning a store full of electronics. No security or lookout person, not even a guard dog. His only weapon to protect himself would be a vacuum. Oh, can’t forget his cell phone, it’s always in his pocket with the buds in his ears listening to music. I’m really starting to not like the idea of him taking this job. In our City, people are robbing banks and stores in the broad daylight on the regular like it’s nothing. If they’re that bold during the day who knows what they will do at night.

Talk about options. One option is to pay a friend to be a lookout person. We didn’t like this option because teenage boys tend to goof off and not pay attention. Plus, what if his friend rather goes out instead of playing parking lookout security. Another option is his dad a retired disable veteran could be the lookout person, but he’s not a night owl. He still gets up around five in the morning as if he has PT, Military talk for the performance test. Last option is to give my son pepper spray, a box cutter, or stun gun. I just don’t like the sound of that, it still doesn’t put my mind at ease.

Final decision. What’s it going to be kid? Hopefully, he thought about my concerns and his options. Was he even listening? You know how teenagers are, they look you in your eyes and their mind is on something else. They see your lips parting but don’t hear what’s coming out of your mouth. How I know because after all that you said, he replies huh?  What it all boils down to is the final decision is his. Whatever decision he makes he has to be ok with it.

Teaching our kids right from wrong, be kind to others, always say thank you and please. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom and before you come in the kitchen. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs. Don’t have sex until your married. Ok, well some of us say have safe sex because we know you’re going to do it anyway. We as parents put down a strong foundation and always strive to do the best that we can in raising our kids. It’s time to stop saying we have faith and demonstrate it. Show that we trust and believe that everything always works out the way that it should. God doesn’t give us nothing we can’t handle. I believe that if this job is meant for him he will get it and do a great job.

Have you ever supported your kids in doing something you didn’t want them to do?