Journey Journal Jacqui

My JourneyThis is my journey and journal. I’m trying something new, well kinda. I’ve had several blogs and podcast but not one that was truly authentic. I mean, a blog or podcast that I shared with my audience my every step of things I’ve tried along the way. Like, creating a new blog, steps in a book, a new app. I usually podcast about all things dealing with employment. If you ask me a question I would give my best answer on my blog or podcast. I really enjoyed doing that but…

Almost all of the time I edit, edit edit, let it sit for a few days and then just go with it. Not this time. I don’t care if what I write is not grammatically correct. I’m just going to brain dump. I really wanted to do this in a podcast format but you know that saying…if you keep doing things the same way you’ll get the same results. So, I’m going to write it. I guess I should say type it.

This is my journal of my every step I take towards finding my passion, purpose, and work I love! I truly believe it is possible and I’m in the process of finding it, doing it and living it! If you happen to stumble upon this blog feel free to share your journey.