Life and Children Controls A Working Mom

Life and Children Controls A Working MomLife seemed simple and well planned out before you have a child. It was finished High School and then decide on the college and a good career. Most successful careers were nine to five and a good hard-working job. You didn’t have much to think on just follow the course and success seemed inevitable. That is until the train called life hits you, like in a Tom Cruise action movie.

You may run into a few problems in life as usual. You may not like what you are doing and long for better. There is a strong possibility that you run into someone you love and plan on spending the rest of your tired life with that person. Yes, a job can ruin a fairytale ending, especially if you are being worked to death; I have heard of plenty real life stories that relate. Your very own health can play a major role too. The hours or environment could cause illness that will keep you from a good life or end up having you fired anyway.

There is one thing we are missing, though. What if children come along to play in your glorious or terrible job-based life? Your little bundles of joy can bend your back out and stretch your limbs to points they shouldn’t stretch. However it does not their fault, in fact, they don’t know they are killing you. There just living life; playing basketball, doing extra-curricular activities, getting seriously hurt or in trouble at wrong times. Yeah, things happen in their lives that affect you too.

The truth is you need time to deal with things; your own happiness and most importantly be there for your kids. So, the solution would be changing your job. Well, the thing is that’s easier said than done, especially if you don’t know how.

5 Mindset Changes To Leave Traditional To Nontraditional Job  

  1. Learn to think positive. Think better live better is such an understatement, people don’t understand how severally important that is. If I had a dollar for every time somebody convinces me to do something I didn’t think about doing, I’d be a lot closer to a million dollars. It may sound bad but it’s true you don’t realize it but you go through life being persuaded a lot.
  2. Commit to change. Don’t over-rationalize and get stuck on what situation you think you are in. If your house is on fire and you have to jump out a window, I doubt you will rationalize on your life. Unless of course, you wouldn’t mind a few deep burns compared to a broken bone (deep burns is also an understatement just in case you didn’t catch that).  So, the point of the matter is trusted yourself and fight to stay positive and watch doors open for you.
  3. Explore and network. Put it out there to everyone what you are looking for. You will be surprised how many like-minded people are out there, and how many employers are looking to answer your prayers.  I was referred to for both of my flexible jobs. In other words who I knew and my voice landed me two jobs that changed my life for the better. For instance, I was at an event and someone I met in person introduced me to her friend based on common interest. We kept in touch over a few years and she got an email for a job that related to what I was looking for. She instantly thought of me and referred the job to me and I got it. I got the job I wanted all because I let it be known to someone. The best way to some that up is to build strong connections. In this day in age, it’s easy to do so in many ways.  You have social media, all kinds of events;
  4. Self-promote with your own blog. A blog is a huge benefit to someone who can write and needs to market themselves.  Just go through this process with an opened mind. Please do not be afraid to ask for help from anyone. You build connections by talking and just letting how you feel and how you think out of the world.
  5. Quality Time (QT). Once you get what you asked for you will have plenty of time on your hands. Time to go to Johnny’s school if little Johnny acted up and lay down the law. You will have time to finally be able to see Kevin’s basketball tournament. You will have time to force your son to sit through two episodes of Oprah’s Master Class. It will kill him too but hey at least you have time to spend time that’s all that matters. You may even have time to be the soccer mom that prepares the snacks for all the hard playing kids, take your child to the practice, and still pick up your daughter from a swimming lesson. All this time that will allow you to even re-kindle your love life, which I know you ladies would love to do. Working a flexible job is the best and I know you can do it.

How has your life and kids controlled your life?